Agrasar Bachpan

Our Approach

We run community based learning Centres where we enhance the education attainments of children who are out of the mainstream school system. The goal is to bring them up to age-appropriate levels so they can join the formal school system. Agrasar focusses on the holistic development of the children enrolled in its learning centres, building a strong foundation for life-long learning. The teachers facilitate skill development to enhance children's personalities, their academic performance, and their outlook towards the future. The centres work in close partnership with the parents, to ensure their support in encouraging their children and reinforcing learning at home.

Garima Sahni

Program Lead

Children from underprivileged communities do not go to schools due to lack of opportunity, accessibility or motivation. We are trying to create opportunities and instill a love for learning in them. With your support, we are determined to reach out and develop life skills and enhance learning attainments in children who are at risk.

Our Impact

How We Do It

Tidings from the field

In November, 2021 we organised a Sports Day at the community centre in Sikanderpur. It gave the children a much needed chance to take part in races and spend time playing together. We plan to have more such days with games and other activities in the coming weeks.

In light of the new normal brought about by Covid-19, we have adopted a hybrid model of learning-taking classes through online and in-person mediums to ensure learning continues uninterrupted. Zoom and Whatsapp are used to teach children while books and stationary are distributed depending on the need.
Online sessions held with parents at the beginning of the year in Islampur focused on how to download and use Zoom on phones to help their children log into online classes.

More than 20 children in Sikanderpur, Islampur and the Agrasar Bachpan Library Islampur participated and performed in an e-event organized by Raahgiri Foundation in January and February.

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