Our Approach

The city of Gurgaon has more than 2 lakh such women who are keen to earn and contribute to family income. Agrasar’s livelihood programme caters to these women by providing opportunities for home-based work options. Women participating in the livelihood programme are able to put in work hours at their convenience, while taking care of their young ones and completing their chores at home. Women begin to contribute to family incomes, decision making and experience increase in their self-esteem, confidence and the develop their personality. They tend to take charge of their families and become more vocal in the community, and are well on their way to become Societymakers.

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Pallavi Gulati

Program Lead

Being a part of this eco- system has made me realize that livelihood opportunity transcends beyond earning money. It's about aspects such as having a social circle, having people with whom one can share experience and ambitions. At Societymaker women are a tremendous support system for each other. It is inspiring to see how the women share joy, sorrow and engage constructively with each other and the larger community.

Our Impact

How We Do It


We work with 100 women over 4 locations in Gurgram. Our Societymakers save or invest most of the earnings in value adding activities.


Tidings from the field

Ms. Shaila Gaikwad facilitated a workshop on decorating and painting diyas to add to the repertoire of skills being imparted to the women. The workshop inspired learning and exploration of creativity amongst the participants and the outcome was magical. In a timespan of two hours, the participants presented 75 beautiful diyas that they had painted and embellished. The process enabled the women to explore their creative senses that was unique to each of them, and they felt a sense of accomplishment. This was indeed a great start to the festive season.

Societymaker recently developed an innovative range of eco-friendly handcrafted office stationery including file folders, document holders, pen stands. These products can be custom-made with the company’s logo and branding. We were delighted that our Corporate Partner Cargill was one of our first clients, and our products were gifted to the employees during the festive season. Societymaker is buzzing with 50 full-time and 50 part-time craftswomen and we are confident to custom-make products keep timelines in mind. For more information on Corporate Gifting please visit Societymaker's website.

Societymaker participated in the Earth Mela organized at the Italian Embassy Cultural Centre in New Delhi. Hand-crafted products such as diaries, folders and jhola bags were exhibited and sold well. A new range of pouches were also introduced which were well-receieved. We also had pop-ups at the LetsBunk Poshtel in the month of October and at the American Embassy in the month of November. Agrasar welcomes opportunities to exhibit its product range to enhance the earnings of the women and to spread awareness. We appreciate and are open to feedback, ideas and avenues, please contact us at

Our Societymakers

Neelu Roy, 33

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Chanda Begum, 28

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Madhumita Kumari, 25

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