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"Choking Childhood" - School Corporal Punishment

A research on everyday violence faced by disadvantaged children in schools of India

| Unveiled by Pullela Gopichand on 20 November 2018 |

Report First PageWe have launched our Research Report on Corporal Punishment, this Universal Children's Day. Until now, there has been very little effort to understand why this form of violence remains epidemic in our schools, what are its consequences and what are the possible leverages to eliminate this menace systematically and culturally. Despite being illegal, school corporal punishment is an epidemic and widely accepted form of “low-intensity” violence against children, which enables and perpetuates other forms of violence in our society. It has been a decade since the government conducted two studies to assess the magnitude of the problem, no systematic research has been done to understand the factors that put our children at risk.

Our report addresses this gap and provides detailed insight into the drivers behind school corporal punishment in Gurugram’s disadvantaged communities, explaining how and why children of parents who have migrated here experience corporal punishment at school.

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Interns driven field work in communities of Gurgaon as a part of our knowledge establishing strategy.

Corporal punishments and societal attitudes

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Link to the webpage for Agrasar's movement against corporal punishment in India

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