Co-Lead, Eliminating Corporal Punishment

If you dream of violence-free childhood for current and future generations in India, we will be glad to interview you for this role at Agrasar.

A majority of children in government schools and many private schools in India face punishment. Yes, even today when it is banned under various laws. They also get beaten up or mentally harassed at homes.

We are pioneering elimination of corporal punishment in India and work with children, parents, teachers, government authorities and society at large. Attempting to change social norms and discipline practices. We consider child as a victim but also an agent of change – without putting the burden of eliminating this crime on their shoulders.

We are looking for people who can – dialogue with the community, liaison with schools, research, read and write and manage/ support the whole program.

Co-Lead, Learn to Learn

We are looking for two professionals who can co-lead our work on ‘Curiosity, Learning to Learn and Collective Inspiration’ with an aim to create lifelong learning aptitude and abilities among children and youth.

This would primarily require you to work along with me – research, read, comprehend complex concepts, write and take capacity building sessions with young professionals and teachers. Communicating with diverse stakeholders is also a significant part of job role.

Will be glad to respond to all your questions during the interview, but please don’t expect a clear-cut JD. We will co-design that, considering your abilities, interests and aspirations. This approach has worked for us for more than a decade now. 

Apply through email to – [email protected]

Location: Gurugram

Duration: Full time

Salary: Remuneration will be as per the industry standards and based on qualification and experiences.